Maureen Davis

Maureen DavisExecutive Vice President

Maureen Davis began her career with CMA in 1994 in the research department, supporting the senior executives running the retained search practice. This research department is often the executive’s first point of contact with CMA. After years in the research department and having gained experience across a variety of practice areas, Maureen became involved in executive recruitment initially on the Operations side of Mortgage Banking.

Maureen also developed a keen knowledge in the Production arena, recruiting leaders and managers at all levels in Retail, Wholesale, Correspondent and Direct-to-Consumer origination channels. She has built competencies in Servicing, Risk Management, Legal and Information Technologies.

Maureen developed a strong core understanding of financial services and demonstrated the ability to adjust to the trends and needs of the industry and CMA’s client companies.

She works across multiple practice areas including Banking, Mortgage Banking, Insurance, Vendor Management and Private Equity. She became a recognized expert supporting the many varied positions in Loan Servicing, Legal and Compliance.

Maureen made significant contributions to executive placements in Legal and Financial Services, including General Counsel and Regulatory Compliance.

As an EVP at CMA, Maureen works closely with CMA’s chairman on many senior executive searches. She understands how critical it is for the executives she works with to be a cultural fit for any opportunity. Maureen is a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association. She lives in Winter Park with her husband and three children.

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