Another Encore: Company Culture takes Center Stage

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It comes as no surprise to most that company culture and sense of community continue to rise in importance for employees seeking a permanent career home. Having this recent light shone on how quickly our work and home life can become intertwined in a glaring fashion, has escalated the importance of what was often overlooked for other job attributes for many.

The ability of your recruiting partner to gauge what makes a candidate tick, then to truly find ways to understand the culture fit for each and every company, is an invaluable commodity.

Within every industry, while goals, metrics, strategies, tactics, and skills may be closely matched, company culture is something that each and every company gets to claim alone.

Even with a matching title and list of job duties, the right culture fit takes an experienced recruiting partner with the ability to recognize the “little” things that so often become the biggest takeaways when deciding who is destined for greatness in any particular role.

The talent market as of late has shown a strong desire for consideration of work from home or flexible arrangements. While there are certainly countless benefits to being ‘in the office’, as well as those employees who prefer to do their work in a space outside of the home, working from home can provide employees who are able to make intentional delineations, with more work/life balance. This sense of balance has been shown to improve mental health and feelings of control for many.

In direct response, many companies have taken the steps to proactively adapt or consider ways to flex to this change in the workforce, in order to attract that top talent.

The pandemic became an opportunity for companies to open a rare dialogue with their employees. That employee feedback has guided re-opening strategies and even the longer-term work paths for the future in many cases. We have even seen this perspective fueling a movement to reimagine the spaces that these employees call home as they return to their places of work.

The bottom line is that this time to reflect and pause has not just been focused on the future of ‘work’ — rather to consider the evolution of culture and how we can best adapt ‘work-life’ to best match these newly defined priorities, commitement to wellbeing, and overall sense of satisfaction in life.

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