1) Retained searches take precedence over contingency assignments due to the mutual commitments that are involved in the search process.

2) A client company is essentially securing a commitment from the search firm to prioritize the search.

Operational Reviews

Operational Reviews allow organizations and/or specific departments to have an independent, empirical audit of their operations to help identify areas of improvement and/or opportunities to implement industry best practices to maximize efficiency.

These in-depth, detailed reviews are highly effective in surfacing both money-saving and money-making initiatives in both small and large organizations.


Executive Evaluations

An effective Executive can make or break a company. CMA offers confidential Executive Evaluations to help organizations assess how their leaders stack up to others in their cohort. CMA has thousands of C-suite profiles to compare on numerous standard and custom attributes.

Like Operational Reviews, Executive Evaluations can help surface leadership deficiencies and make recommendations before they become larger issues.

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