The Value Added by an Industry Proven Recruiting Partner

The Value Added by an Industry Proven Recruiting Partner

Why do we need a Recruiter?

Companies know they need to adopt a human capital mindset to compete successfully in today’s talent market and fix their recruitment challenges. And it is no secret that what determines a ‘right-fit’ in today’s corporate world is now heavily reliant upon culture and value fit as much as soft skills.

However, not all companies are sure what this mindset actually means for their organization, and often companies rush ahead without first clarifying needs. The result: significant time and effort are lost trying to land a potential hire that is simply the wrong fit for the organization.

recent survey from Glassdoor indicates that three-quarters of job seekers consider mission and culture before they apply to a company, and half of them consider culture to be more important than salary when it comes to job satisfaction.

In a business environment marked by volatility and uncertainty, corporate survival requires the capacity for rapid change via strategic talent deployment. And the ability to recruit and retain top talent is just the starting point. How companies strategically deploy and continue to foster and develop their talent, is what truly matters.

This is where an executive recruiter can help. An executive recruiter will first start by reviewing your needs assessment. The recruiter is able to provide supplementary market knowledge through the lens of an objective outsider. This outsider perspective is especially valuable. Through a thorough needs assessment coupled with attention to cultural fit, we can help more closely hit the mark for those applicants who may be the best fit for the role, without wasting your valuable hours.

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