Workplace 2.0: Work from home? Or a mix of both?

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Based on changes that continue to involve both how and where we work, some employees may in turn move this decision to the top of their list when they consider the next decision guiding their career trajectory. This complication adds a new, and unexpected major element in ‘job satisfaction checkboxes’ with regard to right fit employers and careers.

As vaccine availability increases, the next expected question for many workers is “what is my expectation of ‘workplace’  going to look like in the next few months? And further, what are the longer-term implications. Research shows that a solid majority of workers have been able to thrive in this adapted version of work/life and now may prefer the consideration of flexible work arrangements, even after the pandemic subsides.

No matter which side of the fence you are on, a lot of learning is going to be needed to find the right mix.

Company leaders have recently faced the unusual challenge of reimagining their culture for a socially distanced new world. Indeed, when we move into a remote environment we must be intentional about establishing more touchpoints with remote employees, reimagining onboarding processes in general, and fostering more regular and inclusive communication.

Adapting to a hybrid environment will require some trial and error, but companies that invest time and resources into new processes will be the ones that thrive in a reimagined workplace that fits their company culture.

There are some industries where despite a possible preference for change, the BEST choice may be to return to face to face for their business to truly thrive and grow. As we navigate the next step in a post-pandemic business existence, we should all be prepared to embrace the changes, and reflect on the gathered observations, trials, and errors as we explore what’s on the horizon for our every company, industry, and individuals employed within them in terms of career growth for those individuals and a right-fit workplace for all.

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